Fly private jets at a discount

So, you would like to fly from New York to Geneva. What do you do? First and foremost you would visit Etripinfo. Thats obvious !!

The other option would be to use your credits with a private jet company such as Marquis or Netjets. That is if you are so lucky so have $1 Million in your bank account and can afford travelling luxuriously.

Well, now you have a new option.  What happens to the plane that flies a CEO from Geneva to New York? Usually it flies back to its home base empty.  Well, now you can take advantage of the empty flight.

LunaJets, a company based out of Geneva, allows travelers to take advantage of its empty planes on a return flight at a discount.  LunaJets negotiates with jet operators to allow you to “jump” on these flights, and enjoy all the luxury and convenience of private jet flying. LunaJets also reroutes empty legs to match your itinerary, organizes shuttles on frequent routes, jet shares and can find a private jet at anytime. Travelers can book anything from a single seat to a whole cabin on flights shorter than 2h30m; on longer flights, they must reserve the whole cabin. Booking and payment can both be handled online, and prices are fixed and open, beginning at EUR 890 for a single seat on a flight up to one hour long.

What a novel concept. For travelers, this is one to try out; for operators, it’s one to get in on ASAP!

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