Flyers Rights

Airline passengers who want to try to influence their fate have a new outlet called the Association for Airline Passenger Rights (AAPR), a consumer advocacy group formed by Brandon Macsata, the managing partner of Ft. Lauderdale-based Macsata-Kornegay Group, which describes itself as “a national governmental and public affairs consulting firm specializing in grass-roots campaigns and political fundraising.” He is also CEO of a nonprofit group dedicated to improving medical care for AIDS patients. AAPR’s web site ( says it was formed “in response to growing dissatisfaction among American consumers toward the airline industry,” and its purpose is to “educate policymakers on travel-related information important to airline passengers, improve accessibility for passengers with disabilities, and protect the consumer rights and responsibilities of airline passengers.” Macsata, executive director of the group, says he will push for a federal passenger bill of rights, although he didn’t say which specific issues it should address. “Passengers are tired of all the new surcharges; they are tired of sitting on then tarmac for hours without any explanation; they are tired of the cancelled flights, and they are tired of poor customer service,” Macsata said. Membership in the new advocacy group costs $10. An existing group, Kate Hanni’s two-year-old Coalition for an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights (, has been pushing for federal legislation for many months with limited success.

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