GateGuru – New Mobile App

With the holiday season upon us, we know that many of you will be traveling in the next month or so and ultimately you’re going to be stuck in an airport.

Introducing GateGuru, an app that serves as your insiders’ guide to America’s airports, available today.

Think of it as the answer for the next time you’re in the airport, you’ve got a couple hours to kill, and you’re wondering where you can get some great dumplings. Or you’re looking at the dumplings, but really want fries. Or you’re running late, and you need to find the most efficient route between the security line, the duty free and your plane.

The app uses GPS to recognize which domestic airport you’re sitting in, and then you type in what you need to survive your delay—a good beer and a decent steak, maybe a foot massage—and you’ll get a list of the best and closest options.

And soon, GateGuru will add flight notification—your phone will get a quick alert if your plane’s been delayed, so you can keep on talking with that traveling salesman you met at the bar.

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